What can I say about pitbulls. Lovable, squishy, goofy, space invaders, lovers of snuggles and licking faces. They are certainly not all vicious. I love their blocky heads, squishy sausage bodies, wiggly butts, expressive puppy dog eyes and awesome personalities. Unfortunately, because of various uneducated laws and media portrayal of the breed all being untrustworthy killers that can snap at any moment, there are WAY too many of these lovable sausages in shelters right now. Some pitbulls languish in a shelter for years, if they are lucky enough to land in a no kill shelter. MANY more are euthanized, only to be replaced with more and more. 

This project was started to help bring attention to the pitbulls that have been in shelters for way too long. They are super dogs and should be treated like the super heroes that I think that they are.

If you know of a pitbull that has been in the shelter that you think needs the Super Hero treatment, send out the secret signal (call me) and I will be there with my camera and a cape.